GioGiovanna Barbara Alesandro

Giovanna, wildly gifted pedestrian, yet is able to remain humble. Would love to engineer a lovechild/super-breed author between Ben Lerner and Chris Kraus, but will also settle for a coffee table book with pictures of them and/or a documentary where they walk the Camino together.





Emilie Bryde Bang-Jensen

Aspiring writer and avid reader of fiction. Has an odd penchant for white, American male authors such as Don DeLillo, David Foster Wallace, and Jonathan Franzen. Likes to discuss the failings of neoliberalism and other systems of oppression. Has yet to find a way to do anything about them. Had her eyes opened by postcolonial and gender theory (which has yet to do anything to her love of aforementioned white American male authors). Prefers Nescafé over real coffee, which everyone in the bookshop finds strange.  



HannahHannah Bergqvist

A curious Bookscapes Creative and avid (re-)reader with more than 100 books on her Top 3-list due to an inherent inability (disguised as stubborn refusal) to choose One Favourite Reading Experience. With a present preference for books on Reading & Creativity Management (a contradiction in terms really), Hannah likes to contemplate the aesthetics of parentheses and digital/future bookscapes. She spends most of her waking hours working at the bookish frontiers, currently as Producer of Augmented Reality books. Hannah likes having many fish to fry, so besides work work she also runs her own business as freelance English Translator & Editor and uses whatever spare time is left on family & friends, food club dinners and choir rehearsals. For this reason, she can almost only be physically found at Ark on Sundays.



alexAlexander Buk-Swienty

Alexander is currently completing his Master’s in Comparative Literature at the University of Copenhagen. Here he spends days desperately attempting to avoid literary theory classes in order to take courses in philosophy and Lacanian psychoanalysis. He is ostensibly a volunteer at Ark Books, but no one can remember the last time he took a shift. For the Ark Review he will be writing various analysis of literary things with Lacan as the theoretical spearhead. A deceivingly brilliant field to pick of course, because no one understands Lacan, and thus Alexander comes off as smart. He asks for all complaints or disagreements concerning his articles be addressed to the big Other.



Neus Casanova Vico

Neus spends most of her time thinking about Sylvia Plath in general, Jon Krakauer’s adventures in particular, and why My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless is so good. She once read Infinite Jest, but the only thing she seems to have gained from it is a hopeless crush on Hal Incandenza. She has an MA in Cognition and Communication, which she still doesn’t understand what was really about.




Henriette Klejs Engelberg

An English scholar flaneuring the streets (and searching the store) to find out what to do with life. While asking herself such grand questions, Henriette writes harsh(ish) book reviews and tries to run the bookstore behind the scenes, where she keeps a stern eye on each volunteer and their workload to keep her love of systems and control in check. Perhaps she should rather be curled up in the store’s leather armchair with Virginia Woolf… With ‘Street Haunting’ as her favourite read, Woolf will be this ark reviewers main inspiration for future contributions and walking will be her preferred means to reach each end result.    



Frank Review

Franek Korbanski

Lives in Copenhagen, volunteers at Ark, has a degree in philosophy and political science. Wrote his thesis on the notion of Angst in Heidegger’s philosophy, his dissertation on Arendt’s account of totalitarianism.






Macon Holt

Macon has spent the last four years trying to shoehorn Infinite Jest into a PhD about popular music and capitalism. He managed to do this by making it about something called sonic fiction. He is one-half of the podcasting team and the reason why the critical theory section is an odd mix of Adorno and Deleuze & Guattari. For many months he was mistaken for a ghost that had decided to haunt the store, but it was just him editing his thesis and/or the podcast. Here he writes about things which might be true or are entirely made up.


Sarah Ommanney


Sarah Ommanney 

Sarah, former child prodigy, has now shed the vanities of youth by shaving off her eyebrows, yet continues to impress. She has co-authored several books with Giovanna Alesandro and regularly shocks the artworld with her world-renowned cartoons.



Snorri Rafn Hallsson

Snorri’s life is not an easy one. Having spent years studying the philosophy of Hannah Arendt, he yearns to be a modernist, an impossibly difficult task in this day and age. When he is not mourning the loss of universality and wistfully longing for the concreteness of the past he fills up his time making podcasts for the Ark Audio Review, figuring that since he spent five years getting a master’s in philosophy, he might as well put that knowledge to use by entertaining you.


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Ebba Wester

Ebba loves literature, but has a BA in the slightly lower ranked art form of cinema, (a nerdy theory degree, not an arty filmmaking one). She likes Pauline Kael and is a big defender of Trash culture, balancing her Netflix time carefully between RuPaul’s Drag Race and teen movies from the 90s. She wrote her dissertation on gender and cyborgs, her two favorite topics of conversation. Ebba spends most of her time listening to pop-culture podcasts, trying to read philosophy and just generally being a bit pretentious. She wants to write about pop/high/low culture, and is looking to do a masters in film studies in 2017.