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Ark Review

The Worst Reads of 2020

Everything Except for Females by Andrea Long Chu Perhaps it’s slightly unfair to consign all but one book I read in 2020 to the category of ‘worst read’, but 2020 feels like it’s been unfair, and I’m writing from day 11 of a 14-day quarantine, so there. My 2020, and I’m sure the 2020s of… Keep Reading

Ark Review

The Best Reads of 2020

The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop If this unbelievable year brought something good it’s that I finally found the time to read more books than usual and, luckily, many were really good ones. Of all them, one that will always remain with me is The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop. As my 96 -year -old friend Ulla… Keep Reading

Ark Review

The Worst Reads of 2019

The End of Alice by A. M. Homes There is a much better novel hiding in The End of Alice than the one A.M. Homes provided. That novel would be about a young woman trying to imagine herself into the desires of a pedophile as a way to escape the boredom of world limited and… Keep Reading

Ark Review

The Best Reads of 2019

The Topeka School by Ben Lerner There are novels that you read and as you read them you think to yourself, “this is a good novel”.  You finish them and put them down and maybe take a little bit of the experience with you or maybe not. Then there are novels by Ben Lerner. Lerner… Keep Reading

Ark Review

Three Books that make us ROFL: Reading on the Floor, Laughing.

ROFL: Reading On the Floor Laughing   Umberto Eco – Travels in Hyperreality I recently came across an essay by Umberto Eco entitled Travels in Hyperreality from 1975. It is the fruit of Eco’s visit to America, a hyperreal land, as he claims, the hyperreality of which he sets out to grasp. Eco visits Disneyland—of… Keep Reading


Translation Tuesday: BMS

BMS (2016 – ) is a collective of writers and an acronym for blod, måne, søndag (blood, moon, Sunday). Knoglemarv lavendel is their debut poetry collection. This is a collective translation and interpretation of three poems from Knoglemarv lavendel.       This excerpt from Knoglemarv lavendel is published by permission of Arena and ©… Keep Reading

Ark Review

The Worst Reads of 2018

Memoirs of a Polar Bear by Yoko Tawada Each sentence of this book made me what to scream, owing to how aware reading each of them made me of the brute fact that I too, someday, would die never to return. The time that I  spent reading this self-important book denied me even the possibility… Keep Reading

Ark Review

The Best Reads of 2018

Efter solen by Jonas Eika Rasmussen Five delightfully weird short stories (read a sample in English). Not really the new weird of the Lovecraft fetishists (Miéville, Vandermeer and so on). But weird in that distinctive Lynchian fashion where, for example, an ear, found in some backyard, becomes an eye. An opening. A hole, a threshol(e)d… Keep Reading

Ark Review/Translation

Translation Tuesday: Lake Føtex / Lago Føtex (Lone Aburas)

Translation Tuesday is an ongoing series of translations focused on contemporary Scandinavian literature. In this edition of Translation Tuesday, Sheri and Neus have translated an excerpt from Lone Aburas’ Lake Føtex (Føtexsøen) into English and Spanish. Lake Føtex (2009) tells the story of a young woman living in Copenhagen, who is trying to write a… Keep Reading

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