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Ark Review/Essays

I’m doped and thick from my last sleeping pill

1. I saw a movie on the airplane. There is this type of women in films. Slim faced, dark straight hair, worried mother faces. Nearly divorced. They seem to have this ability to uphold marriage on their own after their husband left them. Like they are the institution of marriage, and have been and will… Keep Reading


Every Night

I. A movie for Kristen Stewart There is a scene in the movie Certain Women. Two young women are seen eating opposite to each other at a diner. One woman is a young lawyer, Beth, played by Kristen Stewart, teaching a class on the education law where she meets Jamie, Lily Gladstone, a young quiet ranch… Keep Reading

Ark Review/Essays

White Girls

White Girls I Our first introduction to SL, the love of Hilton Als in White Girls, is at the movies: The silvery movie light and dark made him look more colored. I loved his profile, his long strong neck and perfect posture. He looked as authoritative as someone you might call Sir, and as beautiful and… Keep Reading

Ark Review

Routines of Quiet Girls

My favorite poem by Anne Carson is in Autobiography of Red: Arrow means kill It parted Geryon’s skull like a comb Made The boy neck lean At an odd slow angle sideways as when a Poppy shames itself in a whip of Nude breeze And then later: He felt Herakles’ hand move on his thigh… Keep Reading

Ark Review/Musings

Blue days

These days are blue. I feel too light. I sit in the kitchen writing this, going nowhere. I have started watching the HBO-show Big Little Lies with a good friend and fries on Wednesdays. The show is in short about the life of rich stay-at-home moms, and someone getting murdered. It takes place in Monterey,… Keep Reading

Ark Review/Essays

Anthologies of failure

An article with Chris Kraus shows a picture of her sitting by a table in her home. It looks cheap, simple. There is nothing on the table but a vase with flowers. They look abnormally white, shining. Her face is kind of sad, heavy looking, a skinny girl. She is wearing woollen clothes, a nice… Keep Reading

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