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Toke Wichmann Larsen

Toke Wichmann Larsen has 3 articles published.


Translation Tuesday (bonus edition): It’s an I speaking (the hour of reckoning) (Lone Aburas)

Translation Tuesday is an on-going series of translations focused on contemporary Scandinavian literature. In this Thursday bonus edition, Toke Larsen has translated an excerpt from Lone Aburas’s Det er jeg der taler (Regnskabets time) into English. Lone Aburas is one of the strongest and most honest voices in contemporary Danish literature, a fact she proved with… Keep Reading


The Loyalties of a Translator: A Rebuttal

This piece is a response to On Amateurish Translation by Simon Fern. While Simon Fern definitely has the right of it when he says that a translator must make do with what he has, an approach absolutely most translators will agree with, his ideal of translation seems to be that texts exist without authors. That can… Keep Reading

Ark Review/Musings

Against Sanctity

This month on the Ark Review, taking inspiration from Mark Grief’s recent book “Against Everything”, we are going to try and write against everything. Collectively though, and one subject at a time. So really more like Against ________. As in, fill in the ________. Today, Toke Wichmann Larsen has some advice for those intimidated by… Keep Reading

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