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Manifesto Month

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This month on the Ark Review we are teaming up with kbh Læser to explore the form of the manifesto! We have a whole bunch of stuff planned.

Franel Korbanski will (likely) be meditating on the impossibility and importance of translation by looking at the Translatological Manifesto by the renowned Polish poet and translator, Stanisław Barańczak. Neus Casanova Vico will consider Virginia Woolf’s famous essay, “A Room of One’s Own” (1929) as a manifesto by another name. Ebba Wester will examine the Julian Rosefeldt’s film, Manifesto (2015), in which Cate Blanchett reads ten manifestos, from Dadaism to Pop Art, while transformed into different people in different places with unusual audiences. We are also incredibly excited to publish our first external submission(s). We will be publishing an English translation of an open letter, which could also be considered to be a manifesto, written by a group of Polish feminists, which addresses the regionally specific manifestations of patriarchy, various responses it provokes and—ultimately—being a call for action and change.

Macon Holt will put together an explainer on the manifesto “Xenofeminism: A politics of Alienation” by the collective Laboria Cuboniks. This is ahead of the event we will be holding at Sorte Firkant with special guests, the author of Spekulative realisme: En Introduktion, Martin Hauberg-Lund and a member of Laboria Cuboniks, the artist and writer Diann Bauer. This event will also mark the publication from Passive/Aggressive  of a new Danish translation of the manifesto by Tobias Linnemann Éwe. This event is a collaboration between ark books, Eksistensfilosofisk Akademi and Passive/Aggressive, and has been made possible by support from Nørrebro Lokaludvalg.

But, because you didn’t click a link to read about a bunch of content that is yet to come and events that have not yet taken place, may we present the ark books minifesto. This minifesto will come out in print later this month in the kbh læser newspaper/program along with a bunch of other minifestos, essay and interviews, and of course the program of all the events taking place at this year’s festival. If you can’t tell already, we are really looking forward to sharing all this with you.

Oh! One more thing. ark is blue now… #arkisbluenow

ark books Minifesto

We should talk to one another. This is essential for our lives and wellbeing. This task can prove tricky as we can’t be everywhere at once. Some of us lived hundreds or thousands of years ago and were not allowed to speak, but may have been able to put pen to paper. It is the only means by which we and our words can truly travel through time. Some of us do not speak the same language, so it may be necessary for us to write things down, for them to be translated at a later date. Some of us may not be great in person, but excel on the paper. Some of us are great in person but need to be prompted by the written word. We all have filters that we have in place to help us hide some thoughts just enough to survive. But when these thoughts are read as lines on a page others can see through them as they open up like Venetian blinds. Solitude ceases to be so lonely.

Books can be a great thing and this why we volunteer our time to get them to you.

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