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Not that long ago Emilie presented her impossible pile of books to read in 2017. Here comes another selection consisting of books hopefully to be read this same coming year, compiled by someone who, while clearly not Emile, resembles her in the respect that he too is familiar with those piles one wishes to find the time to read through. The piles of books, owned already or in the imagination only, all stand on the to-read-shelf:

Some of them may just be flights of fancy. Some of them are the talk of the town. Some of them are more pressing. Some of them have already been purchased. Some of them just eyeballed for a while. Some of them impossible to get. Some of them; I wish. Some of them; as if. Some of them; why not. Some of them are blind guesses. Some of them are recommendations. Some of them ‘borrowed’ from friends. Some of them to read together. Some of them to catch up. Some of them quoted somewhere else. Some of them for pleasure. Some of them as work. Some of them long, long due. Some of them so unexpected. Some of them had rang a bell for a while. Some of them intriguing. Some of them ambitions (too much so perhaps). Some of them are always on the list. Some of them because one shall. Some of them because there is this one quote, ah, is so beautiful. Some of them looked forward to. Some of them may disappoint. Some of them feared. Some of them abandoned once already. Some of them should be fun. 

Image result for tractatus logico-philosophicusLudwig Wittgenstein: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus






Image result for living thinking lookingSiri Hustvedt: Living, Thinking, Looking







Image result for the invention of solitudePaul Auster: The Invention of Solitude






Related imageMaggie Nelson: The Argonauts






Image result for nic dwa razy szymborsa wiersze wybrane znakWislawa Szymborska: Nothing twice [selected poems]






Image result for czeslaw milosz znak wiersze wszystkieCzeslaw Milosz: Wiersze Wszystkie [Complete Poems]






Image result for the king bows and killsHerta Müller: The King Bows and Kills






Image result for darkness at noonArthur Koestler: Darkness at Noon






Image result for hope against hope mandelstamNadezhda Mandelstam: Hope against Hope






Image result for Don’t let me Be lonely: An American LyricClaudia Rankine: Don’t let me Be Lonely: An American Lyric







Image result for schwarzes quadrat frischMax Frisch: Schwarzes Quadrat






Image result for returning to reimsEribon: Returning to Reims






Image result for bernhard extinctionThomas Bernhard: Extinction






Image result for barthes biography samoyaultTiphaine Samoyault: Barthes: A Biography






Image result for barthes mourning diaryRoland Barthes: Mourning Diary






Image result for John Marks: Gilles Deleuze Vitalism and MultiplicityJohn Marks: Gilles Deleuze Vitalism and Multiplicity






Image result for lethem fortress of solitudeJonathan Lethem: The Fortress of Solitude






Image result for in the light of what we knowZia Heider Rahman: In the Light of What We Know






Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-15 um 23.57.19Martin Buber: Between Man and Man






Image result for art after the end of artArthur Danto: After the End of Art






Image result for design as artBruno Munari: Design as Art






Image result for belting history of art after modernismHans Belting: Art History after Modernism






Image result for the book of shrigleyDavid Shrigley: The Book of Shrigley


Lives in Copenhagen, volunteers at Ark, has a degree in philosophy and political science. Wrote his thesis on the notion of Angst in Heidegger’s philosophy, his dissertation on Arendt's account of totalitarianism.

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  1. Franek – if you haven’t read anything Jonathan Lethem yet, then I’d recommend you read ‘chronic city’ instead of fortress of solitude. Its personal preference, but I thought fortress of solitude was a drag and chronic city a rush.

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