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Tove Ditlevsen

Ark Review/Translation

Translation Tuesday: Self-portrait 1 / Autorretrato 1 (Tove Ditlevsen)

Translation Tuesday is an on-going series of translations focused on contemporary Scandinavian literature. In this edition of Translation Tuesday, Sheri and Neus have translated Tove Ditlevsen’s “Self-portrait 1” into English and Spanish. Tove Irma Margit Ditlevsen (1917-1976) is one of the most important and unique voices of 20th Danish literature and a household name in… Keep Reading

Ark Review/Essays

We still need a room of one’s own

In 1929, Virginia Woolf wrote a manifesto in prose form, the well-known A Room of One’s Own. In this essay, short text, whatever you want to call it, she reflects on the relationship between women and fiction. Overall, she exposes to the greater audience the idea (and reality) that 1. through history, women have been denied… Keep Reading

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