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Last week, the Ark Review published its 100th article!

This article also coincided with the Ark Review’s first birthday (or thereabouts), and though you might not have noticed it in your neck of the woods, it was a momentous occasion here on Møllegade 10.

To celebrate this most astounding achievement, a group of arkers got together and decided to print and publish each contributor’s favorite piece over the past year. Because, as the book lovers we are, we do prefer things on paper.

Out of this has come the Ark 100! A beautifully bound, thoughtfully curated, carefully edited and painstakingly designed booklet – just for you (and for us)! It represents all the best thoughts that have gone into making the Ark Review this past year, and what thoughts! Since our very first two posts, a review of Chris Kraus’ I Love Dick and a reportage from last year’s Louisiana Literature, we have gone on to interview Chris Kraus at the Louisiana Literature festival this year! Big leaps, if we may say so ourselves.

Look at all these fancy contributors!

We have also, among other things, discussed a lot of Hannah Arendt, been part of the whole performance that was the Mette Høegh/Thomas Altheimer show, participated in KBH Læser’s theme of Growth, and generally written a whole lot of critique, reviews and musings on the state of the world and the role of literature in it.

If you like what you’ve read so far, we hope you will come down to Ark Books and get your very own copy of the Ark 100! It’s 100 DKK (of course) and we anticipate that it will be extremely valuable one day. In it, you will find 18 articles, ranging from a discussion of bookstores (should they be big or small?) to a reading of the readers of a porn star reading Slavoj Zizek. Confused? The Ark 100 will enlighten you!

Beautiful stuff.

The Ark 100 also marks a turning point for the Ark Review. After a year of experimentation and fun, it’s time to get down to business and make the Ark Review even better – more focused, more dedicated, more coherent. It will still be (and always will be) the product of the very eclectic collection of individuals that make up the community at Ark Books. But we are slowly thinking up ways to connect all our thoughts and ideas into a more collected whole. With time, we hope to make your reading experience even more enjoyable, engaging and enlightening.

But until then, enjoy the first year of fun, games, and critical theory in the Ark 100!

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