Ark Books was founded out of a genuine love of books as a shared space for literature and culture to come alive in. As a community of avid readers, Ark has evolved into a dynamic place of bookish exploration, where the accumulating body of knowledge and expertise continues to grow new projects and initiatives that bridge analogue pleasures with the endless possibilities of the digital domain.

Ark Review
is one such project, arisen from a sincere desire to open up the inter-human dialogue that books across genres and languages initiate. With Ark Review we wish to inspire reader-to-reader conversations, engage in discussions and take an active part in the borderless, international community that is the bookish world. As such, Ark Review is a digital expansion of our bookshop talks and recommendations, an extension and a result of our fundamental curiosity. It’s a place for making connections and asking (critical) questions about the not-always-answerable; a heterotopian space where musings on concepts and conundrums can be shared and seeds of new thoughts and ideas can take root, grow and bloom further out into the digital hemisphere.

Happy reading!

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